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Are you marketing your clinic like it’s the year 2000?


The year 2000 doesn’t seem like a long time ago, the Y2K bug that was supposed to bring the computer world to it’s knees. Thinking back, how were you marketing your clinic or business 15 years ago? No doubt with print advertising, radio ads, TV ads, trade shows…

Fast-forward 15 years to today’s Internet and technology savvy customers and this kind of traditional marketing is ineffective vs online or digital marketing. Traditional marketing relies on a customer calling your clinic to enquire, but todays customers want to research, enquire and be informed 24 hours a day. The way consumers engage with and buy from a clinic has changed dramatically in the last 15 years… in the last 5 years. Have you kept up?

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How to know everything about your clinic customers



If you have one marketing message for all of your clinic marketing, you are missing out on new customers. Today’s consumers are looking for personalised marketing messages that speak to them as a person and understand their problems, issues and lifestyle. 

The key to knowing everything about your clinic customers is through a profile of your ideal customer called a buyer persona. Based on real data and insights about your existing customers, this “buyer persona” will determine where to focus your time, marketing spend and guide product/ service development. You will attract the most valuable visitors, leads, and customers to your clinic. 

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4 things your clinic website MUST have to be effective


Your clinic website is more important today than ever. If you still have a static website (a brochure like website) with no fresh content, then you are loosing customers to your competition. In this article we will cover four of the most important things you can do to make your website effective in 2015 (with a bonus at the end).

We have not yet found one clinic website in Australia that hits it out of the park. That is, I have not found a clinic website that attracts potential patients, converts them into a lead and closes them into a paying customer.

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